HQView530 is a universal HD image scaler and scan converter. It has 3G-SDI input & output connectivity, genlock, pan/zoom/tilt and interlaced or progressive output capability, able to up, down or cross convert virtually all video signal formats. Powerful geometry correction is able to correct image shape and projector misalignment by dragging and dropping each image corner, or by pin/barrel/rotation, or by keystone and rotation.  An automatic portrait extraction mode is also provided.  Professional grade 48-bit per pixel 4-sided soft edge blend provides seamless blending of multiple projectors using Calibre’s proprietary blend processor with 8-zone blending and 9-zone black level correction.


HQView530 a universal image scaler and scan converter which provides stunning image quality for professional, broadcast and corporate AV users. HQView530 features 4-sided soft edge blend with multi-region black level correction for seamless blending of multiple projectors and includes flexible geometry correction functions able to correct image shape and projector misalignment by dragging and dropping each image corner, or pin/barrel, rotation or keystone and rotation.


Full warp mapping is also supported by HQView530. A PC application is included for easy warp map creation or third-party generated warp maps can also be processed from automatic image alignment systems.


HQView530 has 3G-SDI input and out connectivity with backwards compatibility with HD-SDI and SDSDI. For in-camera use a Genlock input is provided for compatible with bi or tri-level sync or black & burst. For LED videowalls LEDView530 is also available with optimized operating modes for LED, Projection and Scaling.

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Front LCD menu or OSD control


HDMI 4K Inputs




HDBaseT 4K Input


DisplayPort 4K Input


Component Input


Composite Input(s)


VGA Analog Input

3G-SDI Input(s)

DVI / HDMI HD Output

HDMI 4K   Output


HDBaseT 4K Output


VGA Analog Output

3G-SDI Output

3G-SDI Audio embed/de-embed & SPDIF

HQV Processing

HQUltra 4K Low-Latency Processing


HQUltraFast High Speed Input Switching



TCP/IP Webserver & API Control

Geometry Correction, 4-Corner, Rotate

Mesh-based Warp, config via PC App

Genlock - V-Lock

Pan, Zoom, Tilt

Edge Blending

Edge Blend Black Level Correction

Videowall mode with auto PTZ

LED Videowall Per-Edge Sizing

Analogue Audio In, Out and Power Amp

fitted to models with “A” suffix


Streaming Video Input via Network Port

fitted to models with “SV” suffix