LEDView LED Scaler-Switchers

LEDView770SV LEDView770SV offers a perfect blend of versatility and connectivity in a compact box.  Designed with the demaning needs of rental, staging, broadcast and fixed installation in mind available inputs include 4K HDMI, DisplayPort and HDBaseT with 4K50/60 4:2:0 support as well as 3G-SDI inputs and output and with genlock capability for staging and broadcast live-in-camera use. LEDView770SV Datasheet Filename: LEDView-770SV.pdf Size: 410.16 KB User Manual.pdf Filename: HQView600_HQUltra700_LEDView700_Series_User_Manual_1.16.pdf Size: 3545.13 KB LEDView Set-up guide Filename: PV 7 QSG 1.4.pdf Size: 2337.18 KB PV 7 QSG (Chinese) 1.2.pdf Filename: PV 7 QSG (Chinese) 1.2.pdf Size: 2201.69 KB DiscoveryTool_V1.0.exe Filename: DiscoveryTool_V1.0.exe Size: 31.5 KB PV7S-HQV6xx_HQU7xx_LED7xx_4356.bin Filename: PV7S-HQV6xx_HQU7xx_LED7xx_4356.bin Size: 11526.67 KB PV7S-HQV6xx_HQU7xx_LED7xx_4417.bin Filename: PV7S-HQV6xx_HQU7xx_LED7xx_4417.bin Size: 11538.56 KB Update PV7S-HQV6xx_HQU7xx_LED7xx-2.3.22_4748.bin Filename: PV7S-HQV6xx_HQU7xx_LED7xx_4498.bin Size: 11914.3 KB PV7 API Protocol 1.14.pdf Filename: PV7 API Protocol 1.14.pdf Size: 1315.54 KB PV7S-HQV6xx_HQU7xx_LED7xx-2.3.22_4748.bin Filename: PV7S-HQV6xx_HQU7xx_LED7xx-2.3.22_4748.bin Size: 17584.88 KB pv7.restore.img.zip Filename: pv7.restore.img.zip Size: 27461.44 KB PV 7 QSG 1.5.pdf Filename: PV 7 QSG 1.5.pdf Size: 2269.08 KB HQView600_HQUltra700_LEDView700_Series_User_Manual_2.2.pdf Filename: HQView600_HQUltra700_LEDView700_Series_User_Manual_2.2.pdf Size: 2836.56 KB