LED 智慧顯示屏 A160

163吋 All-in-One LED智慧顯示屏為Pitch 1.875的小間距LED,繼承上一代130吋的極輕薄外觀與易移動性,機構上更進一步精進,做到了僅35mm 螢幕厚度,0.9mm可拆式無邊框設計,實現更沉浸式的觀看體驗。


另搭載獨家Calibre廣電級4K LEDView影像平台,將4K視訊處理器內建於顯示屏中,具有影像同步低延遲、0.5秒內快速切換來源及影像縮放邊緣強化處理等技術,讓畫面更清晰細緻及順暢,呈現超乎想像的高品質影像。



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4in1 led

Robust 4in1 LED

4in1LED is composed of 4 pixels, and the thrust strength is 4 times stronger than the traditional 1010 SMD structure.
Efficiently reduce the maintenance cost compare to the conventional structure.


Furthermore, the LED surface is treated with a matte surface that the light can be distributed evenly and also improve the contrast ratio. The unique optical design obtains a wider 170-degree viewing angle and good image sharpness so that each viewing angle is the optimal angle.


AIO feature1


1.875mm Fine Pixel pitch ensure vivid images


AIO feature2

High Refresh Rate

3840 Hz

AIO feature3

True Color Visibility

Superior color gamut to represent the true color


AIO feature5

High Contrast



Smart Media Applications


Android-based OS for multi-media playback. Not just for video and images, you can even open document files in the media hub.

Tapcast, a Powerful Screen Sync application:

Miracast, image/video/music playback, camera, and screen sync to the mobile device and wireless annotation.


Dual System Option

Support Intel® OPS Slot Design

with a plug-in option for a more powerful system.

You can easily transform the AiO display into a windows based system by inserting an OPS. 

*optional function



Flexible I/O Option


Function cards to extend versatile applications

*optional function

AIO feature6

Smooth Gradient

AIO feature7

Adjustable Brightness

Simple quick brightness adjustment by remote or App

AIO feature8

HQUltra 4K Scaling

Up to 4K Image Scaling Quality with low latency video processing 




Smart Control


Control the media hub from your mobile device via the Fusion Connect app.

*IOS and Android available

  • Editing Playlists
  • Uploading videos/images/documents
  • Using your mobile device as a remote control

fusion connect



 a160 boardroom


 a160 lobby

Premium Boardroom





a160 gallary

 a160 luxury residence




Luxury Residence


a160 retailretial a160 vip lounge

High-end Retail Store



VIP Suite







ProductLEDFusion A120-18LEDFusion A160-18
Resolution (W x H)1408 x7921920 x 1080
Display Area (W x H)2640 x 1485 mm3600 x 2025 mm
Dimensions (W x H x D) with Bezel

2644 x 1489 x 35 mm

3604 X  2029 X  35 mm


110 kg / 242 lb

191 kg / 421lb

Panel Size (W x H)

240 x 135 mm

240 x 135 mm
Panel Resolution (W x H)128 x 72128 x 72
LED Type4in1 SMD4in1 SMD
Pixel Pitch1.875 mm1.875 mm
Brightness (Max)

1000 nit

700 nit

Color Depth16 bits16 bits
Contrast Ratio5,000 : 15,000 : 1
Viewing Angle170°170 °
Display Refresh Rate

3840 Hz 

3840 Hz 

Color Temperature6500 K6500 K

Operating Voltage

& Power 

AC 200V-240V

(max 2300W, 1000nit)

AC 200V-240V@15A

(max 3000W, 600nit)

I / O

HDMI-1.4b*1 & HDMI Loop*1, HDMI-1.4a*1, HDMI Monitor_output*1, 3G-SDI*1, USB*2, HDBaseT *1, Audio Line_out 3.5mm*1, RS232_in, RS232_out, RJ45 LAN Control

HDMI-1.4b*1 & HDMI Loop*1, HDMI-1.4a*1, HDMI Monitor_output*1, 3G-SDI*1, USB*2, HDBaseT *1, Audio Line_out 3.5mm*1, RS232_in, RS232_out, RJ45 LAN Control

Operating ConditionTemp:-10℃ ~ +40℃;Humidity:10% ~ 85%