Market leading HQPro1000 features true seamless switching with support for multiple sources and layers, plus a confidence monitor output. Scaling is provided by Calibre's best-in-class low-latency proprietary HQUltra technology.  Flexibility is the key and in addtion to its per-pixel processing, HQPro1000 provides multiple layer Chroma Keying, Area of Interest and configurable fade & cut control.  As standard HQPro1000 is provided with 2 x Input cards fitted providing the unit with 4x 4K HDMI 2.0, 2x Display Port 1.2 and 2x 3G-SDI inputs. The unit can also be fitted with optional Quad HDMI output card supporting LED splicing or 12G-SDI input card.

Powered by Arria10 FPGA.




HQPro1000 is the first model to be released in the HQPro family of Scaler-Switchers.  Powered by Arria10 FPGA. The current generation builds on the functionality found in the 1st generation models and expands its capability, features include

  • Chroma Keying
  • Area of Interest
  • Multiple Layer Support
  • Editable Test Patterns
  • 12G-SDI (via input card)
  • Confidence Monitor
  • Audio Management
  • Transitions
  • Image & Color management
  • Per-Pixel accurate LED Processing


HQPro series is a versatile range of products designed for much more than just LED.  HQPRo can drive any type of video display device, including projectors, LCDs in any fixed installation or rental/staging environment.  With specially selected hardware, HQPro can also be the centre for your virtual world whether you are vlogging or holding a corporate webinar.  



Features and SpecsBase UnitOptional
HDMI 2.0 4K Inputs (HDCP 2.2+)2 
HDMI 2.0 4K Main Outputs (HDCP 2.2+)1 
HDMI 2K Confidence Monitor Output1 
Number of Layers4 
Genlock Input & Loop-throughYES 
Streaming Video H.265* YES
12G-SDI Input YES


Scaled Aux (from the confidence monitor output) *YES 
Dissolve/Fade, Cut, through-Black and ultra-fast transitionsYES 
Chroma, Luma KeyingYES 
Area of Interest (AOI)YES 
LED Videowall pixel-accurate per-edge sizingYES 
LED Splicing, auto or complex/irregular sizing YES
Front Panel, TCP/IP Webserver &API ControlYES 
Remote Control Panel YES

*Future Release



Remote control keyboard

q2k web

Quad 2K HDMI Card

2K HDMI output card for Splicing

12g web

12G-SDI Card

12G-SDI Input card with Loop Out



  • AV Design of University of Essex

    Calibre is a highly effective OEM partner to many well-known companies World-wide operating in specialist markets, providing customised image scaling and processing solutions based on its core technologies.

    Location:United Kingdom


    產品分類:LEDView LED Scaler-Switchers

  • German Wine Awards

    When live shows require reliability Calibre is there to not let you down 


    解決方案:Rental & Staging

    產品分類:LEDView LED Scaler-Switchers

    Location:United Kingdom

  • MOTU Event at NAMM show

    For a company like MOTU - an engineering-driven music technology company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts who develop audio software and computer hardware peripherals for audio and video production – NAMM is a ‘must-attend’ show. But: how to ensure they got noticed? MOTU turned to Calibre.

    解決方案:Rental & Staging

    Location:United Kingdom

    產品分類:AiO LED Display

  • Intelligent Asia 2020

    2020我們與Calibre合作,於「Intelligent Asia智造科技論壇」使用Calibre 130吋的LED顯示屏,這項產品完美解決我們的痛點,即便在一百人以上的會場使用,也能讓每個角落的觀眾清楚地看到簡報內容!


    解決方案:Rental & Staging

    產品分類:AiO LED Display