Yorkshire, UK, August 2021: The dramatic combination of lighting, audiovisual, choreography and staging in fashion shows requires highly creative and specific design.


For the debut of his bold and daring ‘Salon des Visionaires – Luxxury Godbage’, a retro 1990s fashion themed fall-winter collection and Sherry Bomb Opening Party held at Ximen Literature and Arts Centre on 8 May 2021, Justin Chou, designer and founder of Taiwan fashion label JUST IN XX selected Calibre LEDFusion A130-15 all-in-one Direct View screen management solutions. 


The 1990s was an era of freedom, boldness and adventure with bright colours and style – people dared to experiment. JUST IN XX’s philosophy when it came to technology echoed this, and he collaborated with Calibre UK for LEDFusion A130-15 LED displays to be positioned on each side of the main stage for the show. 




Justin Chou held two different shows at Taipei Fashion Week Fall Winter Season on March and May 2021. Themed around fashion sustainability, Taipei Fashion Week was organised by the Taiwan Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Education and was supported by fashion brands including Loreal Professional as well as Vogue, GQ, Elle, Marie Claire, Bazar and Cosmopolitan. 


“In the fast-paced world of fashion, there’s no room for compromise,” said Justin Chou. “We rely on lighting and video to play a powerful role in the creative design and to help tell the story of each of the garments. For this project the main stage needed to look amazing, from so many different angles to meet the demands of photographers, television broadcast, social media and the audience in attendance,” added Chou.

“This was the first-ever fashion show in Taiwan that used traditional stage elements combined with audio and visual elements to bring the 1990s theme to life. To support our use of a lot of colourful, bold clothing and makeup, we positioned Calibre LEDFusion displays on each side of the main stage to create a stunning effect that faithfully represented vibrant colours. It created a high-impact and a ‘fashion drama show’ with engaging sound and light effects, best presenting the finer details of clothing.”




Exceeding expectations

The fashion show and stage play performance were held on the main stage with a rotating circular stage. Because of the small form factor and quick and easy setup, the LEDFusion was easily transported into the tight confines of the venue construction staff. During build-up, the team was impressed with how easy, quickly and efficiently LEDFusion was to set up and deploy – all under an hour.


Calibre LEDFusion has a contrast ratio of 5,000:1 and produces images near to 100% of the Rec709 colour space with Calibre’s precise colour calibration technology. 


Justin Chou noted that the colours on Calibre LEDFusion were very accurate: “In this show, the makeup and hairstyling used multiple colours such as yellow, peach, and red. The Calibre LED Fusion showed us a true colour experiment and the visual effect was so amazing.

“In addition to the colour performance, the 130-inch large screen also allows the audience who even in the back row could appreciate the finer details of the hand-sewn techniques of the designer.”




Justin Chou is regularly invited to New York, Shanghai and Paris Fashion week. More recently, Justin Chou created a sustainable collection for Taiwanese Olympic athletes to wear during the opening ceremony of the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. He used fabrics from domestic functional textile manufacturers including materials from plastic bottles, industrial waste and non-toxic repurposed fabrics. 


Calibre will host a webinar A New Visual Adventure for Your Business Communication at 13:00PM PDT aimed at familiarizing the new product line LEDFusion Pro series and benefits on 15th September.



Images: © JUST IN XX



Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rC3rancI1Bo 



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