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We are proud to announce that Calibre One Canvas Solution has won Infocomm Best in Market 2022 Awards in two categories:

AV technology and Installation!


Calibre is one of the few companies that has its own in-house hardware and software design teams for both scaler switcher and LED display products, which provide Calibre to retain a high depth of technical knowledge of the design and innovation and allows for product performance optimization. 



One Canvas Screen Management Solution

For the emerging market demands of remote meetings, flawless and large-scale 4K conference applications are becoming future corporate markets trend.


Calibre offers the One Canvas Solution which is an advanced multi-screen management solution using LEDFusion Pro integrated with HQPro1000 scaler switcher with premium 4K50/60Hz 4:4:4 RGB processing and 4K EDID management. It is a brand new product solution with flexible AiO LED sizes and user scenarios to go with the corporate needs.



Easy Installation with splicing AiO LED display

LEDFusion Pro which is Calibre’s latest All-in-One LED product line can be spliced with multiple sizes using specially designed wall mount system. With splicing feature, LEDFusion Pro is able to match space requirements of users. The installation process is greatly simplified compared to traditional video wall installation.


Advanced Screen Management

The canvas size is referring to the total resolution of the LED wall. Users can customize the HQPro1000 modular cards and linking devices, based on the I/O requirements. Up to 30 custom layouts with mix layer effects, presets and live compositions can be added. Genlock and low latency are also achieved and pixel-perfect mapping across LED displays ensures flawless conference experiences. There are also pre-programming clues and live switching, clean layer effects, and smooth transitions.


Easy Control in One Canvas

For Pro AV system integrators, they can use Canvas composer which is a virtual control interface to scale and fully customize the screen layouts. Image and color settings can be calibrated for best performance and multiple signals can be managed in perfect synchronization. An area of interest can be selected using non-standard LED resolutions. Canvas app for users which matches BYOD needs allows instantly screen layouts and input sources switching. CLI commands is also supported for external control devices such as Crestron, AMX, Estron AV systems.



One Canvas Solution Features:


High-quality Splicing LEDFusion Pro display

▪ Innovative splicing wall mount system for easy installation

▪ Simplified cable solution for quick setup

▪ Robust 4-in-1 LED and nano-coating modules

▪ Wide 170° vertical and horizontal viewing angle

▪ Front access maintenance

▪ Only 1500W@500 nits, less carbon footprint


Premium image processing

▪ 4K50/60Hz 4:4:4 RGB processing and 4K EDID management

▪ Genlock system with ultra-low latency (less than 1 frame)

▪ Built-in 4 x 4K scalers to process each input independently

▪ Adjust and save image and color settings for each input

▪ Area of Interest to manage non-standard LED resolutions

▪ Pixel-perfect mapping across all LED displays


Advanced screen layouts composition

▪ Premium scaling without compromise

▪ 30 presets for customized layout

▪ Seamless preset switch to change screen instantly

▪ Freely arrange 4 x 4K input on a 4K canvas


Expandable Input and Output

▪ Modular card design with flexible I/O arrangement

▪ Support up to 4 x 4K input, or 16 x 2K input with accessory box

▪ Optional splicing card for 4 x 2K output

▪ Streaming in/out with an accessory box

▪ Monitor outputs for preview and mirror screens


Remote control interface

▪ WebGUI for remote control

▪ Intuitive App for fast layout switching matching BYOD trends

▪ CLI commands for external control systems


One Canvas Solution Introduction video:


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