Whether it is for classrooms or larger auditoriums, face-to-face courses or distance learning, Calibre has what you need. Our high-end Seamless Switchers, Large Venue Presentation Switchers, Native Matrix Switchers, MultiViewers and Edge Blending systems provide user-friendly and cost-effective solutions to create a state-of-the-art learning environment.





Collaboration Space

Collaboration Space



Lecture Hall

Lecture Hall





Classrooms / Auditoriums


To enhance the learning experience, professors will combine different sources such as Power Point presentations, DVD or Blu-Ray sources, and much more. To make their presentations effective and convey quality content to their students, teachers need direct control of their material, and the ability to easily and quickly switch from PC sources to video sources at any time.


Thanks to features like PIP and Multi-PIP, teachers can easily show more topics in order to compare and understand a complex course. In larger auditoriums, teachers can create seamless images across a wide screen, multi-projector edge blend, allowing display of many educational source materials simultaneously. 






Distance education is great alternative, given the resource constraints and geographic diversity of students. Thanks to video technology, a course provided by a teacher in one auditorium, can be followed live by students located in other classrooms or even other campuses.


Our QuadVision MultiViewer is the ideal solution to display several video feeds simultaneously. It allows to display multiple resources to all attendees at the same time for enhanced communications. Course content can also be record and accessed by students.



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Case Study

  • AV Design of University of Essex

    Calibre is a highly effective OEM partner to many well-known companies World-wide operating in specialist markets, providing customised image scaling and processing solutions based on its core technologies.

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