Market leading HQPro1000 features true seamless switching with support for multiple sources and layers, plus a confidence monitor output. Scaling is provided by Calibre's best-in-class low-latency proprietary HQUltra technology.  Flexibility is the key and in addtion to its per-pixel processing, HQPro1000 provides multiple layer Chroma Keying, Area of Interest and configurable fade & cut control.  As standard HQPro1000 is provided with 2 x Input cards fitted providing the unit with 4x 4K HDMI 2.0, 2x Display Port 1.2 and 2x 3G-SDI inputs. The unit can also be fitted with optional Quad HDMI output card supporting LED splicing card.

Powered by Arria10 FPGA.




HQPro1000 is the first model to be released in the HQPro family of Scaler-Switchers.  Powered by Arria10 FPGA. The current generation builds on the functionality found in the 1st generation models and expands its capability, features include

  • Chroma Keying
  • Area of Interest
  • Multiple Layer Support
  • Editable Test Patterns
  • Confidence Monitor
  • Audio Management
  • Transitions
  • Image & Color management
  • Per-Pixel accurate LED Processing


HQPro series is a versatile range of products designed for much more than just LED.  HQPRo can drive any type of video display device, including projectors, LCDs in any fixed installation or rental/staging environment.  With specially selected hardware, HQPro can also be the centre for your virtual world whether you are vlogging or holding a corporate webinar.  



V3.5.0 New Firmware Features:

-Modern interface using HTML5-based technology.

-Intuitive interface view separation for 1. Live Event Control with 'Live Preview' and 2. Pre-event configuration and settings.

-Blank + Freeze: The two functions now work the same for more intuitive control on a per-layer and per-output basis.



Features and SpecsBase UnitOptional
HDMI 2.0 4K Inputs (HDCP 2.2+) 2  
HDMI 2.0 4K Main Outputs (HDCP 2.2+) 1  
HDMI 2K Confidence Monitor Output 1  
Number of Layers 4  
Genlock Input & Loop-through YES  
Streaming Video H.265*   YES


Scaled Aux (from the confidence monitor output) * YES  
Dissolve/Fade, Cut, through-Black and ultra-fast transitions YES  
Chroma, Luma Keying YES  
Area of Interest (AOI) YES  
LED Videowall pixel-accurate per-edge sizing YES  
LED Splicing, auto or complex/irregular sizing   YES
Front Panel, TCP/IP Webserver &API Control YES  
Remote Control Panel   YES

*Future Release

q2k web

Quad 2K HDMI Card

2K HDMI output card for Splicing


Case Study

  • AV Design of University of Essex

    Calibre is a highly effective OEM partner to many well-known companies World-wide operating in specialist markets, providing customised image scaling and processing solutions based on its core technologies.

    Location:United Kingdom


    Product:LEDView LED Scaler-Switchers

  • German Wine Awards

    When live shows require reliability Calibre is there to not let you down 


    Solution:Rental & Staging

    Product:LEDView LED Scaler-Switchers

  • MOTU Event at NAMM show

    For a company like MOTU - an engineering-driven music technology company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts who develop audio software and computer hardware peripherals for audio and video production – NAMM is a ‘must-attend’ show. But: how to ensure they got noticed? MOTU turned to Calibre.

    Solution:Rental & Staging

    Product:AiO LED Display


  • Intelligent Asia 2020 Taipei

    Intelligent Asia is one of the leading industrial procurement platforms in Asia in terms of exhibition scale and number of brand exhibitors. 


    Solution:Rental & Staging

    Product:AiO LED Display