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Calibre UK works with both integrators and installation professionals on corporate projects. LSA speaks with Raymond Budd, Senior Sales Manager from Calibre UK revealing their product philosophy and market prospects for 2022.


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Raymond Budd indicated that Calibre expects rapid growth in hybrid workspaces, control rooms and virtual studios. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the LED video wall market has been in recovery since 2021. Displays have played a key role in this fast-paced dramatic digital transformation process. They have helped companies to adapt to the change in the way that people connect as well as unlocking greater productivity for employees and their employers.


Budd suggested that almost all businesses now need to hold remote meetings, training and activities digitally, with participants securely sharing complex information online and on-screen. Larger displays have now become crucial for businesses.


During this time, Calibre focused on improvements to their LEDFusion Pro series, currently available in 130 and 163-inch sizes. Calibre is dedicated to boosting the product from the outside in, focusing on higher market demands and providing premium visual quality for engaging meeting experiences and energy efficiency to achieve carbon reduction for a sustainable future.  The HQPro1000 seamless scaler switcher is the flagship Calibre processor for multi-screen displays used for live presentation, classroom or large screen events.


Raymond Budd says that today’s business environment requires ease of use, rugged design as well as the image quality of movie theatres and production studios. A robust 4in1LED ensures 170-degrees viewing. Under the hood of the LEDFusion Pro is the UltraX image engine for high dynamic range and near 100% DCI-P3 colour gamut coverage. The LEDFusion Pro has 10,000:1 high contrast ratio, high frame rate, refresh rates, high 22bit+ grayscale and produces near-perfect blacks.


Ease of use as well as smart digital interactions can greatly reduce the set-up and operational time. The LEDFusion Pro A130C-15 model can be set up by two people in under an hour and is easily maintained thanks to its front panel access. Additionally, the LEDFusion Pro is about 10oC lower than traditional displays so users can save up to 30% power consumption (max 600 nits brightness).


With LED technology there is no limit on where the screen is watched whereas compared to LCD-displays which must be in a darkened room or viewing environment.  Traditional LCD-displays are also limited by size (usually only available up to 98”) with cumbersome bezels that may interfere with the immersive viewing experience.


For a more engaging experience for hybrid workspaces, Calibre also provides Canvas solution which includes flexible splicing AiO LED display options and Calibre HQPro1000 scaler switcher. System Integrators will be able to adjust the input sources to any size and any location on the 4 layers of HQPro1000 4K canvas output.


Ease of use is further simplified thanks to the web remote control option with a virtual control centre system setting menu and one canvas interactive interface. With this interactive interface, users will be able to drag and zoom in/out the inputs and layers. An API for Extron or Crestron control system solutions is also included.


Calibre works closely with installation, consultancy and service companies who can provide support and who have access to the Calibre inventory. Calibre offers instant trouble shooting, technical consulting, local service sites and also cloud partner knowledge centre to provide latest sales, products, and service digital asset to support our partners to succeed in business.


Calibre has created award-winning solutions to the LED market for over 15 years beginning with the original Premier View Pro series, to the LED View system and current HQPro1000 scaler switcher. Calibre was acquired by Coretronic Group in 2017, an industry leader in advanced LED, digital projector and LCD backlight technology, based in Taiwan. Calibre’s operational and R&D functions are located in the UK and Taiwan.




About Calibre

Multi-award-winning British company Calibre is a pioneer in image processing technology. Over the past 30 years, it has achieved world recognition with the Queen’s Award for Enterprise and was one of the designated brands for video processing in the Olympic Games. Calibre is a market leader with innovation, providing image scaling and processing technology for use in broadcast and television, large venue projection and LED videowalls.