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Freemont, CA, June 2022: Calibre has appointed Mike Novak as Sales Director for North America. Novak hits the ground running with the Calibre New Product Preview Showcase event revealing a One Canvas Solution incorporating the Calibre LEDFusion Pro with splicing features across multiple screens. The in-person and online event runs from June 9-10 at Pavilion 1, Westgate Las Vegas, a stone’s throw from the adjacent InfoComm 2022 Pro AV trade show.


Mike Novak is based in Buffalo, New York. He has taken up the position at Calibre from Daktronics, where he managed various verticals including Airport and Transit, Out-of-Home Advertising, Spectaculars and Reseller/AV groups, and developed new markets and revenue streams.

“The Americas is the single largest market for growth in high-performance LED systems and solutions,” said Steve Su at Calibre. “I’m delighted to welcome Mike Novak to the Calibre team during our rapid growth phase. His leadership, collaborative style and experience in setting up sales strategy and channel development will be leveraged to establish Calibre as a preferred supplier of LED video displays.”


Excited about his appointment, Mike Novak added: “Joining Calibre at this stage of their evolutionary growth is an exciting prospect. Calibre is already well known for their reliable processing technology and customer service and we will build on that foundation with localized support for our growing customer base, expanding into new markets and applications.”


New Product Preview Showcase, 9-10 June, Pavilion 1, Westgate Las Vegas


In just under a week, Mike Novak will be present at the Calibre New Product Preview Showcase in-person and online event. Companies based in North America can try and test out the splicing features of the One Canvas Solution incorporating two side-by-side 130-inch Calibre LEDFusion Pro all-in-one displays ahead of their future project investments.


“Moving away from complicated indoor or direct view LED solutions, the One Canvas Solution simplifies installation and gives control over a bigger, brighter canvas for remote meetings, flawless, large-scale 4K conferences and corporate applications,” added Mike Novak.

Reducing installation complexity, enabling unlimited configurations and control, using the One Canvas Solution delivers the perfect visual image every time. The single LEDFusion Pro can be set up in under 33 minutes and using splicing, content is shared across multiple screens with no limitations.


One Canvas Solution uses a LEDFusion Pro integrated with HQPro1000 scaler/switcher for 4K50/60Hz 4:4:4 RGB processing and 4K EDID management. To illustrate, a 1 by 2 LED spliced screen uses 4 light aluminum panels compared to competing systems that require around 50 to 60 cabinets. Users can customize the screen using modular cards for I/O signals using the HQPro1000 scaler switcher. Presets and live compositions can be added. Genlock and low latency are achieved and pixel-perfect mapping across LED displays ensures a flawless conference experience. There are also pre-programming clues and live switching, clean layer effects, and smooth transitions.

Control is using the Canvas composer, a virtual control interface to scale and fully customize the screen layouts. CLI commands are supported for external control devices such as Crestron, AMX, Extron AV systems.


The New Product Showcase follows an extremely successful showing to its European customer base at the Optoma stand during ISE 2022 in Barcelona where Mike Novak was also present.


“At ISE 2022 we showed an intuitive way to show up to four feeds of 4K solution and demonstrated the ability to adjust displays according to inputs,” said Novak.


Calibre has its own in-house hardware and software design teams for both scaler switcher and LED display products. Calibre retains a high depth of technical knowledge of the design and innovation for product performance and optimization.  



canvas solution

One Canvas Solution delivers installation flexibility and WOW factor to ignite imaginations!


Calibre One Canvas Solution Supporting Technical Information:

High-quality Splicing LEDFusion Pro display

▪ True AiO form factor offers easy installation.

▪ Simplified cable design for quick setup

▪ Robust 4-in-1 LED and nano-coating modules 

▪ Wide 170-degree vertical and horizontal viewing angle

▪ Front access maintenance

1500W@500 nits per unit, less carbon footprint

Premium Image Processing

▪ 4K50/60Hz 4:4:4 RGB processing and 4K EDID management

▪ Genlock system with ultra-low latency (less than 1 frame)

▪ Built-in 4 x 4K scalers to process each input independently

▪ Adjust and save image and color settings for each input

▪ Pixel-perfect mapping across all LED displays

Advanced screen layout composition

▪ 30 presets for customized layout

▪ Seamless preset switch to change screen instantly

▪ Freely arrange 4 x 4K input on a 4K canvas

▪ Area of Interest to manage non-standard LED resolutions

Expandable Input and Output

▪ Modular card design with flexible I/O arrangement

▪ Support up to 4 x 4K input, or 16 x 2K input with accessory box

▪ Optional splicing card for 4 x 2K output

▪ Streaming in/out with an accessory box

▪ Monitor outputs for preview and mirror screens 

Remote control interface

▪ WebGUI for remote control

▪ Intuitive App for fast layout switching matching BYOD trends

▪ CLI commands for external control systems


One Canvas Solution Introduction Video:



Highlights from ISE 2022:




About Calibre

Multi-award-winning British company Calibre is a pioneer in image processing technology. Over the past 30 years, it has achieved world recognition with the Queen’s Award for Enterprise and was one of the designated brands for video processing in the Olympic Games. Calibre is a market leader with innovation, providing image scaling and processing technology for use in broadcast and television, large venue projection and LED videowalls. Calibre is an Optoma company under the Coretronic family.