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Calibre Makes LED Displays Even Safer, Easier to Deploy


New AiO family mnimises possibility of electrical hazards, shortens installation time


Calibre announces a unique set of features of its recently-introduced AiO (All-in-One) LED Display.


“From an image quality point of view, it can be difficult for customers to choose between one LED display and another,” said Willy Tsai, Managing Director at Calibre UK. “With the development of the new AiO LED Display, we chose to focus on functionality that is less visible – but that is no less important when it comes to the practicalities of deploying videowalls. The result of that development work is an LED display that not only features outstanding image quality, but that is easier and faster to install than alternative solutions – and is also significantly safer in operation.”


The AiO LED Display features an integrated power control system with low standby power consumption and an efficient power supply – minimising long term cost of ownership as well as being more environmentally friendly. Critically, however, the power consumption of the full screen body is clearly marked and is consistent throughout.  This is in contrast with a typical LED wall which is regulated by the LED modules: the power consumption of these modules after assembly is not clear, meaning that incorrectly assembled units may cause overload or even fire. With the AiO, the specifications and warning signs are clear to the user at a glance, thus avoiding any electrical hazards and making it safer to use.


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Here, company management, senior technicians, engineers and designers will be able to gain a unique insight into the future and product pathways for Calibre processing and solutions. Calibre presentations will be given by the newly promoted George Koumis, Product Marketing and Business Development at Calibre. An accomplished engineer, George Koumis has worked for Calibre for three years in product management and technical business development roles. Prior to this he worked in product and engineering at Barco and Folsom Research.


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Ease and convenience of installation and ongoing operation and maintenance were also key design goals for the AiO. Its all-in-one architecture - Calibre LEDView series scaler/switchers are built-in -  together with its slim design (only 38mm) and light weight (116kgs/255.7lbs for the 118in 1.8mm pixel pitch LEDFusion A118, and 125kgs/275.5lbs for the 1.5mm pixel pitch 130in QUAD130) mean that it can be installed by three people in less than an hour – significantly faster than is typically possible.


Easily accessible front panel maintenance means that an individual LED module can, if necessary, be replaced within 10 seconds. Brightness can be simply and quickly adjusted either via the supplied remote or an app.


The AiO also features remarkable image quality with its fine pixel pitches, >3,000 Hz refresh rate, superior colour gamut and contrast ratio of 5,000:1.

“The new AiO family takes the concept of LED displays to the next level, bringing important new functionality that sets the family apart from competing solutions,” concluded Tsai.

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