For flawless and large-scale 4K conference applications, Calibre offers the One Canvas Solution which is an advanced multi-screen management solution using the LEDFusion Pro integrated with the HQPro1000 scaler/switcher with premium 4K50/60Hz 4:4:4 RGB processing and 4K EDID management. One HQPro1000 unit can manage up to four FHD LEDFusion Pro screens with flexible screen layout at any one time.

Just one canvas can be used to scale and fully customize the screen layout using an easy control interface. Image and color settings can be calibrated for best performance and multiple signals can be managed in perfect synchronization. An ‘area of interest’ can be selected using non-standard LED resolutions. Genlock and low latency are achieved and pixel-perfect mapping across LED displays ensures flawless conference experiences. A modular card design ensures flexible I/O arrangement including support for up to 4 x 4K input or 16 x 2K inputs with an accessory unit. There is an optional splicing Quad2K card available for a 4 x 2K output if necessary.


Adding to installation flexibility, up to 30 custom layouts with mix layer effects, presets and live compositions can be added. There is multi-viewer functionality for full situation awareness and streaming in or out using an accessory box. There are pre-programming clues and live switching, clean layer effects and smooth transitions. A full look-ahead preview or switching directly is achieved ensuring that one canvas is only used for layer composition. A web GUI and remote control interface is used for canvas set up and control ensuring that 4 x 4K inputs can be combined to create a 4K canvas.


One Canvas Solution: