HQView630SV is an Events AV Scaler similar to the HQView620 but targeted towards IMAG applications with the addition of 3G-SDI inputs and output and with genlock capability for staging and broadcast live-in-camera use

(*not recommended for new project, contact us for the product recommendation)


HQView630ASV is a universal audio and video scaler-switcher based on Calibre’s proprietary class-leading HQUltra 4K image processing technology.


HQUltra scaling provides best in class picture quality with low latency video processing. Featuring Calibre’s proprietary HQUltraFast input channel switching able to switch input channels in as little as a half a second, HQView630ASV has a wide range of input connectivity for today’s digitally connected ProAV world, but still is able to support legacy formats too, all with great image quality.


HQView630ASV includes stereo analogue audio inputs and outputs with audio-follow-video capability. There are two microphone inputs with phantom power available and internal mixer for talk-over. The internal power amplifier provides 2x15W RMS to directly drive loudspeakers in meeting rooms and smaller conference room, plus line level balanced stereo outputs to drive an external amplifier or powered loudspeakers, HQView630ASV features an easy to read front panel menu plus remote control via inbuilt webserver and easy to implement API commands.


For in-camera and broadcast use a Genlock input is provided compatible with bi or tri-level sync or black & burst. Flexible Pan-Tilt-Zoom controls allow selection of an area of interest.

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Front LCD menu or OSD control


HDMI 4K Inputs




HDBaseT 4K Input


DisplayPort 4K Input

Component Input


Composite Input(s)

VGA Analog Input

3G-SDI Input(s)


DVI / HDMI HD Output

HDMI 4K  Output

HDBaseT 4K Output


VGA Analog Output


3G-SDI Output

3G-SDI Audio embed/de-embed & SPDIF

HQV Processing


HQUltra 4K Low-Latency Processing

HQUltraFast High Speed Input Switching


TCP/IP Webserver & API Control

Geometry Correction, 4-Corner, Rotate


Mesh-based Warp, config via PC App


Genlock - V-Lock

Pan, Zoom, Tilt

Edge Blending


Edge Blend Black Level Correction


Videowall mode with auto PTZ

LED Videowall Per-Edge Sizing


Analogue Audio In, Out and Power Amp

fitted to models with “A” suffix

Streaming Video Input via Network Port

fitted to models with “SV” suffix