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Building Lasting Relationships


Calibre UK, renowned for providing image scaling technology for use with large LED videowalls and professional projection applications, has appointed Absolute AV in Singapore to be their distributor for the following countries: Singapore, Vietnam & Myanmar


“We are pleased that we can identify a company such as Absolute AV who are in the business of visual displays. They understand the segment well, and we believe they will help us increase our footprint in the countries they are representing us in,”


Tony Hung, APAC Sales Director


Harry Tan from Absolute AV Pte Ltd, commented, “Calibre UK is a reputable company that is known for its scaler-switcher technologies. With the recent release of their AiO LED, we are confident that we will be able to target segments that perhaps previously we could not.”


“Setting up the AiO takes less manpower and time, and the solution is an all-in-one solution. The benefits for clients is enormous. We have already approached hotels and even Fintech companies who have shown interest in the solution.”


Harry is confident that Absolute AV will meet the objectives of both companies


“We always offer solutions and not products. We work with our other partners to offer a total solution package to our clients that relieve them from needing to communicate with different vendors to build their systems. We are confident that with the Calibre solutions on-board we will be able to offer more options.”